As a new blogger, I’m excited to get started. In fact, I’m excited to finish this post so I can start a new one!

As well as sharing my knowledge so far on the unknown world of acting, I will also add helpful links, workshops and open casting’s.

My quest began when I started a local weekly workshop which initially gave me some confidence to get on a stage. I didn’t really venture into the professional until I was 17. When just by chance, I worked next door to an acting agency. At first they were sceptical about adding me to their books as my only experience was amature or dated back to childhood but as I kept persisting (which is something you have to get used to), they gave me a shot.

My first engagement was with John Nichols in 2011, a highly recommended photographer who produced some fantastic, realistic headshots. This is so important as in the end, this is what is going to sell you to a casting director within seconds. John made me feel at ease which in paramount for any young actress at the very start. He creates scenarios and gives you character to gain what he wants from you, to give you the looks he knows you suit.

These are just a couple of the finished product. I have also added his website link so take a look!