I call this post back to the future because your first job that kick start everything else. My first role, well I say role, I was an extra on Hollyoaks and I still remember the day, what I wore and how my hair was. My alarm was set for 4:30am as my call time was 7:00 and I planned to get there early as I thought it would be all systems go but I learnt my first lesson that day…  there is a lot of sitting around but you must see that you can learn so much from this too! You watch who’s coming in and out and how the cast can be whisked away by make up or costume whilst still chewing their breakfast. It looked so exciting!

When you do get on set, theres no need to be anxious (like I was) as an extra is meant to be seen but not actually ‘looked at.’ So you can’t possibly get it wrong. At first I didn’t even know whether talking to the cast was acceptable. EVERYTHING is so new. But I soon realised that as long as you don’t try and chat to them whilst the cameras are rolling then of course its fine!

With some much time on your hands, you also get to meet other supporting artists who will tell you their stories about working on other productions and soon you know each others life stories and chatting like you have known each other years. Myself and another girl, Pheobe, really got chatting and she said her friend was in the show and he would take us around the sets afterwards. I didn’t get too excited because I thought, surely that’s not allowed. But he did!

I guess what I am trying to say is that you should just go with it. Everybody has to start somewhere and extra work is good for getting you familiar with being on set.

Melissa x