Hi! I haven’t written anything for a while as my day job has taken over but for the last two days I have been back on set and I loved it! It was a reminder that TV is where I feel at home and where a 12 hour day flys by. Filmed in the North West, The City and The City is a Science Fantasy based on awarding winning, China Miéville’s 2009 novel. You only get to see a snapshot of the story and the acting when filming a single scene but the star of the show for me was David Morrissey with his cold exterior and his harsh stare. Of course, this is far from his real life persona as he was a pleasure to work and chat with. If you are lucky enough to work with him then he drinks tea, no sugar and not too much milk!

I thought not being on set meant I was giving up but as I learnt yesterday, I have flourished with confidence since last time I stepped onto a set and I made some great connections yesterday both with the cast and crew. From becoming a sound apprentice for an hour, to watching the cast and director negotiate the script and delivery in rehearsals.

Thank you to all the cast and crew, especially John, Henry and Ben in sound. Also, the producer Betsan Morris-Evans and Photographer, Sally.

Melissa x